What Does Christianity Have to do With Avalon?

Mists of Avalon Christian

Arthurian legends are a window into the intersection between ancient Celtic beliefs and the arrival of Christian tradition. While the contemporary church has trotted off to become a patriarchal, often bigoted hierarchy, that was not always the case.

We can still see glimpses of the Divine Feminine in reverences to the Holy Virgin, saints, and the Sophia mythology.

Sisters still exist and while they are often maligned by the media and popular entertainment, they are real women who may not be perfect, but they are still a powerful representation of the church as feminine.

What is Avalon?

Through the mists, it is a sacred island that is under the care of women. It is a place of peace, wisdom and healing. You likely remember it from the legend of where King Arthur rests. The rich texture of lore surrounding this special place could fill entire libraries.

For me it represents something to strive toward—since I am far from any of those things. The inner work I do is aimed at slowly be transformed into someone who could boldly step onto that shore and not be ashamed or unworthy.

There are many paths toward that goal, and while it may be controversial (from both Christians and Avalonians) I believe that belief in Christ is a way toward Avalon. Think about it—what is heaven described as? The parallels are there after the artificial trappings of contemporary Christianity are swept aside.

Is the Church Broken?

Yes, the current expressions of Christianity are inherently troubling and ignore the teachings of Christ.

LGBTQA+ Christians are reviled and threatened by those who should be supporting them. Children are being locked in cages without basics like toothbrushes and soap, but churches are too obsessed with their racist stances to realize how evil it is. Despite being deacons in the early church, women are still fighting for that role in the Roman Catholic tradition. When new members come to church, they are generally ignored and rejected by the established cliques who talk about love and acceptance, but never implement it in their own pews.

I have been a staunch Christian almost my entire life and while my faith in God is absolute, I have been disgusted by what I have seen in the average parish. I’ve gone to every single church in many different cities, hoping to find one that was different. While once or twice I have found an actual community, they were needles in a haystack of manure.

As you can see, I am indeed a long way from being a kind, generous woman of Avalon. That doesn’t mean it is not worth striving for.

If you have felt unsatisfied or frustrated with the way the current churches act, you are not alone.

They are not the true Church anyway.

You are.

Welcome to the Christian barge toward Avalon.

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