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Peacocks — an Ancient Christian Symbol

I had no idea that they were a fundamental symbol of Christianity along with classics like the fish and cross, until I started researching early Christian art. I’ve never felt comfortable wandering around toting a cross necklace, but I can definitely get behind peacock jewelry!


There are all kinds of legends around why peacocks are associated with resurrection.

  • Their flesh never decays
  • Molting and regrowing their glorious plumage
  • Immune to poison, instead infusing the colors into their feathers
  • Closely associated with Easter


This is an obvious one—they are covered with eyes, and may have been the creatures referenced in Revelation 4:6 stationed around the throne. They represent God’s ability to be fully present in our lives at all times.

If you are looking for an alternative symbol of Christianity, I would say this is a solid choice!

Magick Musings

Evil Eye
They are naturally a good choice for spells to protect from the Evil Eye. For anyone unfamiliar with that, it is what happens when people are envious, jealous, or just irritated with you. Even people who don’t deliberately practice can cast accidental Evil Eye on you. Having some sort of protection mellows out that negative energy headed your way.

Peacock Wrath Potion
I am considering combining them with ashes and rose petals for a softer version of wrath powder, to use when someone lashes out with anger for no reason. It might quiet that down and give a rebirth of a more loving relationship with that person.

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